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Alandi is truly a pilgrim center. Alandi is situated on the banks of river Indrayani and the ghat behind the samadhi temple is very beautiful. Samadhi temple is worth to see and creates a pleasant atmosphere.
This temple was built in 1570.
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Apartments in Alandi
1, 2, 3 BHK Apartments
in Alandi, Pune.
A Residential Project
By Expat Group

We decided to visit Alandi. Alandi is where Saint Dnyaneshwar, after translating the Bhagavad-Gita into Marathi attained samadhi in a cave. All along the way we could see army land and army training schools. We all need to pass thru the heavy protected land before reaching the holy land of Saint Dnyaneshwar. Roads look narrow but expand on the way to heaven. Caste and creed matter none on the way to the temple. The best way to visit Alandi is to drop your ego and fill yourself with pure love. All along the way we saw different farm houses for people to relax and eat. So many old trees along the way stand tall as if they are inviting you. People in Alandi are very simple and have no issues of modern world. Yes they do find ways of making money from visitors cant blame them they need money to run such a holy place and a family. Temple complex has been built near the spot of Sant Dnyaneshwar's samadhi. It is visited by thousands of pilgrims, and in particular, those of the Varkari. Houses are simple and hearty. One would find stone and marble roady works on the way. New townships and individual projects are emerging. Farmers also working hard for growing pure maze. Alandi town has everything one needs to survive. From metal shops, juice bars, variety stores, tea stalls & restaurants. A small lane leading to the temple filled with small shops with flowers, sweets, toys & bangles. We saw many airtel hoarding in Alandi An amazing shop filled with Sant Dnyaneshwar's photos made us wait and watch.....

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