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Okayama Friendship Garden

They are known for their elegant naturalism and charm. The Pune Okayama Friendship Garden located on Sinhgad Road is based on one of the major gardens of Japan i.e. " The Korakuen Garden " in Okayama City, Japan, The Korakuen Garden has a history of 300 proud years.

The Pune Okayama Friendship Garden is spread over 10 acres representing the culture & intricate ideologies of an authentic Japanese Garden.
The garden is perfect bridge between the two cities of Okayama and Pune, encouraging cultural, traditional, economical, industrial & friendship ties.

The characteristics of the garden are a composition of fire, harmony, line spirit world and water.

Thus the garden expresses the various elements to speak about light and darkness, soft and hard, stillness and motion, warm and cold. It is based on the Yin and Yang philosophy.

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